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Dr. Steppie's reputation and expertise in the field of Dermatology has led him to become a favorite interviewee in the media. Here are some of his most recent TV interviews, news coverage and articles.


Discovery Channel's Discovery Health

Mystery Diagnosis - April 2010

In April 2010, Dr. Steppie appeared on the Discovery Channel's Discovery Health - Mystery Diagnosis, in Episode 808 - "The Girl Who Was Covered With Bumps," where he unveiled a rarely diagnosed case of cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (CTX). CTX is a genetic disorder, which prevents the body's... Read More | Watch Video


Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Doctor diagnoses a rare disease - April 2010

Here is the article published in the Orlando Sentinel in April 4th 2010 about the Discovery Health Channel broadcast of Dr. Steppie's Mystery Diagnosis.
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Orlando's Fox 35 News

H&M's apology to the Swedish Cancer Society - May 11th 2012

Last Spring, Dr. Steppie was interviewed on Fox 35 to comment on the recent apology from the worldwide clothing retailer H&M to the Swedish Cancer Society regarding a campaign where models appeared too tanned. He explained that Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in... Read More | Watch Video


The Healthy Skin Tour

from the Skin Cancer Foundation - March 3rd & 4th 2012

Dr. Steppie is also a compassionate doctor. He also frequently participates each year in outreach programs, including the Healthy Skin Tour from the Skin Cancer Foundation which provides free skin cancer screenings all over the country. Over the course of the most recent two-day event, Dr.... Read More | Watch Video


Dr. Steppie: Featured skin cancer expert

WebMD®'s Skin Cancer/Melanoma Community®

Dr. Steppie's dedication to skin's beauty, health and overall skin cancer prevention reached a much wider audience in the first half of 2012 when he became the featured skin cancer expert at WebMD® among the Skin Cancer/Melanoma Community®. | View Website


Skin Cancer Foundation Journal

Skin Cancer & the Gender Gap - May 2012

In May 2012, Dr. Steppie's article "Skin Cancer and the Gender Gap," was published in the Skin Cancer Foundation Journal. He explained that male baby boomers have about twice the risk of dying from melanoma as their female counterparts. Melanoma is one of only three cancers with an... Read More | View Article


Men's Health Magazine

Health, Her Way - November 2012

Dr. Steppie is an award-winning doctor and a dedicated lifetime member of the prestigious Amonette Circle of the Skin Cancer Foundation. As part of the few elite physicians who make an outstanding commitment to the foundation's mission and programs, Dr. Steppie was again the expert of... Read More | View Article


ABC News

What Men Can Learn About Health from Women - December 2012

ABC News also featured Dr. Steppie's quote from his recent Men's Health Magazine interview.
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Channel 9 - WRDQ Channel 27

Introducing a Revolutionary Treatment - September 2012

Last September 2012, Dr. Steppie's practice, Associates in Dermatology, was the first in Central Florida to introduce a cutting-edge technology - Superficial Radiation Therapy - which provides an alternative to surgical procedures for specific types of skin cancers. Besides being featured in local... Read More | Watch Video


Orlando Style Magazine

Wow Factor - May 2012

Last May 2012, Dr. Steppie was profiled in the Wow Factor section from Orlando Style Magazine that recognizes dynamic and prominent individuals.
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FOX 35

UV Index Sponsor - 2011 & 2012

Dr. Steppie is dedicated to skin's beauty and health while preventing sun damage and skin cancer. His practice, Associates in Dermatology (10 locations in Central Florida) is the sponsor of the UV index on Fox 35 for two consecutive years.
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Lifestyle Magazine

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - July 2011

In this article, Dr. Steppie stresses how crucial daily sun protection with a broad-spectrum sunscreen is for a healthy and youthful skin as daily exposure to both UVA and UVB rays accelerates skin aging and increases your risk of skin cancer. He explained that UVB rays, also called "burning"... Read Less | View Article