Dare To Be You

January 11, 2019

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is a definitive truth. We all perceive things differently and that’s what makes the world we live in such a fantastic place. Diversity allows us to be different than the next person and truly excel at being our own unique and wonderful self. Gone are the unfortunate days of trying to fit into a mold or being pigeon-holed into a particular group. Each of us now has the opportunity and freedom to embrace exactly who we are. You just need the courage to decide what you want for yourself and to be brave enough to pursue it.

It starts by understanding that it is okay to strive to be the best version of yourself— for yourself. Perfect cases in point are the many celebrities and athletes who accepted their condition and went on to accomplish his or her personal goals. They have become spokespersons for those who embrace personal challenges to help others see that it is okay to be you as long as you become the best you possible. Listed below are examples of individuals who successfully embraced their own limitations:

  • Psoriasis - Psoriasis is a common skin condition that often causes red scaly itchy skin rashes. These patches can appear anywhere on the body and can be unsightly, uncomfortable and even painful. Kim Kardashian West has said, “There’s nothing I can do about [my psoriasis], so there’s no reason why I should feel uncomfortable." Olympian Dara Torres also suffers with psoriasis and encourages people to live their best lives.
  • Vitiligo - Vitiligo is a skin condition where sections of skin lose pigmentation resulting in very patchy, two-toned skin. Because it is so noticeable, people tend to stare and those with the condition often report feeling bullied and isolated. One woman who has taken the modeling world by storm is Winnie Harlow. Despite being bullied, harassed and insulted while growing up, she has put herself front and center. No doubt she is a great inspiration to 10-year-old model, April Star, whose message is that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.
  • Amputee - Many people who are amputees or born with missing limbs, have led successful lives as athletes. Jim Abbott was born with no right hand but still became a major league baseball pitcher for the New York Yankees. Amy Purdy contracted meningitis at 19. She competed (and finished 3rd) in a snowboarding contest just a year after both legs were amputated below the knees. She later finished as the runner up on DWTS.

The point is that we are all different. We all have an issue, a condition or a quirk. Yes, some people have way more to deal with than others. But, the key is that we each display the courage to embrace our issues and make the most of our selves by recognizing that we are unique and beautiful and have much to offer the world around us. Don't despair if you suffer from an embarrassing condition, contact a skincare specialist at Steppie MD Ethereal Beauty to learn more about your options for leading a healthier and more successful life. Remember, the real beauty is within you.