Intensive Care - Ethereal Beauty

Intensive Care - Ethereal Beauty
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.45oz - 13ml

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Benefits / Indications for Use



  • Visibly minimizes signs of aging and noticeably helps restore its youthful appearance.
    • 90% found an improvement in skin firmness & elasticity.**
    • 85% Found an improvement in the skin texture and hydration.**
    • 80% Found a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.**
    • 70% Found an improvement in skin radiance.**
  • Virtually re-plumps and fortifies the skin from within with regular use while remarkably restoring the properties that promote and preserve the healthy and youthful appearance of the skin.
    • Supercharged with a replenishing blend of fatty acids, crucial vitamins, essential amino acids, enzymes and polypeptides.
    • Reduces signs of premature aging caused by inflammation and environmental assaults.
  • Contains NO harsh chemicals (parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEGs, SLS, Propylene Glycol), artificial colors or fragrances.
  • 95% Organic
  • Practical for everyday life and also easy to take on-the-go in a purse or gym bag, and adheres to TSA requirements for carry-on travel.

Indications for Use

  • Aging and mature skin.
  • Appropriate for all skin types and ethnicities.
  • Safe for use during pregnancy.
  • Dehydrated, tired, or dull skin.
  • Sensitive skin.
  • Numerous testimonials reveal that the use of this formula also helps to accelerate the recovery process after cosmetic treatments/procedures (such as chemical peels, laser, microdermabrasion…) as well as skin being treated with harsh products.
  • Appropriate for both women and men (Men especially love its lightweight lotion texture and the fact it has no “floral” scent. They also notice it really helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin texture. It is also ideal for use after shaving and helps minimize the discomfort associated with razor burn).


This intensive, topical and needle-free serum features the Pro-Organic Complex™, a patent-pending powerful blend of 95% certified organic ingredients scientifically proven to visibly reverse the signs of aging while regenerating and fortifying the skin. The revolutionary technology of sequoia leaf native cells* and a rejuvenating kelp extract** pair with an ultra nourishing olive oil blend to form a unique powerhouse that works in harmony with your skin’s natural ecosystem. This potent formula goes above and beyond by replacing water with a premium aloe vera leaf juice and is packaged in an airless dispenser to protect its natural preservative system.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Tobi
04/03/2014 - 11:50:57 AM
Great Product
I started using Ethereal Beauty Anti-Aging Cellular Elixir about 5 weeks ago, and my skin looks and feels amazing! Before using this serum my skin was becoming dry, rough and dull. Ethereal Beauty is lightweight and sinks right into my skin.
Reviewed by Mona
04/01/2014 - 11:53:37 AM
2 Weeks - Still Excited
Using Ethereal Beauty Anti-Aging Cellular Elixir for only 2 weeks after my peel. It is great! My skin was not as dry as it has been with previous peels. I have a glow about my skin after only 2 weeks of use.
Reviewed by Cindy
03/20/2014 - 01:59:56 AM
Fast Results
Hello, I started using Ethereal Beauty – Anti Aging Cellular Elixir on October 1st. Truly, I cannot say enough about this product. The outcome so far has been amazing. On the first week, the texture of my skin felt different. My skin felt firmer, the lines along my upper lip looked softer and not as deep. My friends asked me if I had a procedure done on my face because it looked different. Now in the second week, I noticed how unbelievably smoother my forehead was. As I continue to use this anti aging serum, I cannot wait to see what other remarkable things will surface. I would strongly recommend this product to everyone.
Reviewed by Joyce
02/13/2014 - 11:58:10 AM
Wonderful Results
Hi there,
I had several pre-cancerous spots on my face were recently treated at Associates in Dermatology. Your health care provider froze them with nitrogen. I met with your paramedical esthetician right after the treatment and she took a photo of the condition of my face and recommended Ethereal Beauty – Anti Aging Cellular Elixir.
Yesterday I let her know that the effects of this serum were noticeable to me. The nitro-treated spots seemed to heal quicker – They were almost gone after 7 days instead of the usual 2 weeks. I also noticed that my skin seems very soft, smooth, and more supple, and that make-up goes on much nicer.
Your paramedical esthetician showed me the initial photo (before picture!), and the photo from yesterday, and I am amazed at the difference. I love this serum. Thanks so much.
Reviewed by Jennifer
02/01/2014 - 11:56:13 AM
Very Impressed
I was nervous using this product right after my medical grade TCA peel. My skin is so sensitive that I cannot even use gentle dermatologist recommended ointments after my treatments. I am allergic to many make-up brands and even nail polish. I used this Ethereal Beauty Anti-Aging Cellular Elixir right after my peel and not only did it not burn, it seemed to heal my skin faster than usual. After that, it is the only product I am using to maintain my skin – youthful and comfortable. Thank you for helping my skin.

How to Use

Step by Step Instructions

Ethereal Beauty™ - Anti-Aging Cellular Elixir is packaged in a unique airless dispenser to support ageless looking skin without toxins while protecting the formula's natural preservative system.

Unlock the powerful rejuvenating benefits from Dr. Steppie's patent-pending Pro Organic Complex™, used in the highest concentration to deliver maximum results, by following the directions for use indicated below.

How to use:

Remove the cap. Holding dispenser, gently twist the white base to unlock. Then hold between your index and middle finger. Use thumb to gently press twice on base releasing the serum on the back of the other hand. Gather this potent anti-aging cellular elixir with middle finger.

Dot on forehead, chin and cheeks, using your fingertips and gently smooth the elixir onto your face. Avoid eye area. After use, re-lock the base to avoid accidental release of the elixir and replace the cap.


Apply morning and evening onto face after cleansing and toning. During the day, follow by your broad-spectrum sun protection and moisturizer. At night, follow by your moisturizing or anti-aging cream. As with any skincare product, please use for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. For all skin types.


Key Ingredients


Sequoia Leaf Native Cells

(Sequoia Sempervirens Leaf Cell Extract)
EcoCert (95% Certified Organic)

World patented breakthrough technology designed to reinforce skin’s resilience while noticeably improving skin firmness and elasticity.

Fortifies the skin with crucial vitamins, essential amino acids, enzymes and polypeptides.

Readily accepted into the skin.

Rejuvenating Kelp Extract

(Alaria Esculenta Extract)
EcoCert (95% Certified Organic)

Cutting-edge powerhouse clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and visibly improve skin texture.

Energizes the vital elements of the skin that contribute to skin’s youthfulness and luminosity.

Remarkably restores the properties that promote and preserve the healthy appearance of the skin.

Olive Oil Complex

(Olea Europacea Fruit Oil, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate)
EcoCert (95% Certified Organic)

A replenishing blend of fatty acids rich in antioxidant vitamin E to shield against the harmful effects of the environment.

Physiologically integrates into the skin barrier to safeguard its integrity and prevent skin dehydration.

Increases skin comfort and suppleness.

Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf Juice

GRAS Certified
(Certified Organic/Food grade)
IASC Certified
(International Aloe Science Council)

This food grade aloe vera’s supplier provides the most extensively researched and highest quality in its class. It substitutes water in the formula.

Through a patented process, polysaccharide content is enhanced up to 4 x in order to drastically hydrate and soothe the skin.

Packed with more than 200 amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes to nourish the skin.

Known to stimulate production of naturally occurring antioxidants, to calm inflammation, and to remarkably increase skin moisture.


Natural Preservative System

Natural Product Association Certified (Patent-Pending)

Microbial-blocking system based on naturally derived ingredients from palm oil, coconut oil, and corn sugar.

Emollient, pH controlling and skin conditioning properties.