Focused Intensity

Intensive Care Skin Treament

Skin care with remarkable self-repairing properties from Steppie MD

Dr. Steppie has always had a deep concern about the growing number of cases he has treated over the years with full-body rashes, persistent itching and severe dry skin. His early research led to a decisive conclusion that the amount of chemicals a patient is exposed to can play a major role in maintaining good skin health. After all, the skin is the body's largest organ and just like in nature, its ecosystem is quite fragile. Thus, he began to focus on the analogy between Mother Nature's ecosystem and our own.

Through his focused research, Dr. Steppie defined the need for intensive care skin treatments that would integrate into the skin's lipid matrix to help safeguard and rebuild its optimal integrity. This too would help his patient's recovery following skin surgery and less invasive cosmetic procedures. Backed by findings from other noted research centers, he began to develop a unique synergistic blend of organic ingredients derived from the most recent, cutting-edge discoveries such as Sequoia tree stem cells, a revitalizing kelp extract and a replenishing olive oil complex. The end result was highly focused anti-aging products that can boost the skin's resistance and virtually rewind time by visibly minimizing signs of premature aging.



Anti-Aging Cellular Serum

Our intensive care skin treatment is the first anti-aging wonder from Steppie MD Dermaceuticals that contains a very high concentration of Dr. Steppie's patent-pending Pro Organic Complex blended in the... Read More | How to Use