Steppie MD Supports Earth Day with Earth-Friendly Skincare Products


Each year, environmentalists and others mark the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. April 22 brings celebrations of the decades-long, worldwide campaign to protect our most important and enduring resource – the earth. Touted as the largest civic event in the world, Earth Day is observed around the globe by more than a billion people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities.

Earth Day offers countless opportunities for learning and teaching others about environmentally friendly practices. Volunteer at a beach or forest cleanup. Help launch a community garden. Install solar panels on your home’s rooftop. Plant a shade tree in your yard. No matter where you live, there is sure to be an Earth Day festival, forum or other event in your area.

But don’t let your earth-loving efforts end when the sun goes down on Wednesday evening. Adopt environmentally friendly habits that you can practice year-round and encourage your family and friends to do the same. One beautiful place to start is your skincare routine.

We here at Steppie, MD are passionate about offering high quality skincare products that not only nourish and protect the youthful resilience of your skin but also are mindful of the power and the preservation of our natural resources. That’s why Dr. Michael Steppie opted for using a 95% certified organic formula in creating his Ethereal Beauty™ ANTI-AGING CELLULAR SERUM. His patent-pending Pro Organic Complex™ utilizes the most effective and cutting-edge natural ingredients to help activate cellular energy and to visibly minimize wrinkles while infusing skin with stem cells from the majestic and Sequoia Tree. Not only is Ethereal Beauty™ highly effective in smoothing, strengthening and revitalizing your skin, it’s also far safer than the vast majority of skincare products on the market. That’s because it does not contain chemicals like parabens, polyethylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate, the same potentially harmful additives used in oven and engine degreasers, and abrasive artificial colors and fragrances.

Earth Day is the perfect time to free your skin of harsh manmade chemicals that can both mar your complexion and harm the environment. Find out just how beautiful natural & effective skincare can be with Ethereal Beauty™. CLICK HERE to get yours today and benefit from our Earth Day special – Buy 2, get 1 free if purchased during Earth Day.

Get Healthy, Beautiful Skin in Focus


Each January, people around the world draw up lists of all the ways they aim to improve their lives, focusing their goals on ideals of health, relationships, finances, etc. Among the top objectives that many women (and an ever increasing number of men) choose to focus on is gaining a healthier, younger more vibrant look. If you’re among the millions who want more beautiful skin in 2015, it’s time to focus your New Year’s resolutions on developing and maintaining a healthier skincare ritual with Steppie MD’s revolutionary Ethereal Beauty™ – Anti Aging Cellular Serum.

There are a handful of common New Year’s resolutions that, if kept, will help improve the look and health of your skin. These include adopting a nutritious diet, drinking lots of water, exercising, getting adequate sleep and protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. But a high-quality daily skincare routine truly is the bedrock of beautiful skin.

Unfortunately, many skincare products on the market today may actually do more to harm your skin than help it because they’re made with harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

Even those with packaging messages that claim natural ingredients typically contain such small amounts and concentrations of them that they offer little, if any benefit.

That’s why, in developing Ethereal Beauty™, Dr. Michael Steppie focused on using the best the earth has to offer. His revolutionary anti-aging serum is 95 percent organic, compared to the vast majority of skincare products today that are made primarily of synthetic materials. Among the most potent of the cutting-edge ingredients in Ethereal Beauty™ are rejuvenating kelp extract and sequoia tree stem cells – a breakthrough ingredient never before seen in beauty products. Also at work is high-quality Aloe Vera, which contains more than 200 biologically active amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes and polysaccharides, and known for its wound repair, moisturizing and prebiotic properties. While most competing skincare products have a base comprised of up to 90 percent of water, Ethereal Beauty™ instead is made with this highly beneficial Aloe Vera base.

This year, take advantage of the tremendous amount of research and development by an award-winning skincare specialist. Try Ethereal Beauty™ and see how Dr. Steppie’s innovative pro-organic complex™ can give you the beautiful skin you’ve been dreaming of – 2015 is YOUR year to focus on and achieve a healthier, younger more radiant look.

Anti-Aging Skincare Goes to the next Level!


Those who are savvy about skincare and sunshine are adamant about protecting their skin from premature aging, skin cancer and other potential sun-exposure damage by slathering on a high SPF sunscreen before venturing outdoors. But it’s critical to understand that no amount of sunscreen will ever be able to undo sun damage that has already been done. That damage ultimately will manifest as prematurely aged or discolored skin, or even skin cancer.

Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays does far more than burn and wrinkle your skin. It literally damages your skin cells at the DNA level. Fortunately, our bodies are designed to defend themselves from harm, and in the case of sun-driven DNA damage, respond by deploying special repair enzymes to the damage site. However, as we age, the body’s ability to repair and defend itself weakens. Plus, though skin cancer can hit anyone of any ethnicity or skin tone, those with lighter complexions can be more susceptible to cancer and other damage caused by the sun’s rays.

But good news is on the horizon. Taking a cue from the body’s natural defense mechanisms, scientists specializing in skincare are developing skin creams infused with the same DNA-repairing enzymes that our bodies produce in response to sun exposure. Research published in major medical publications like the Skin Cancer Foundation Journal shows that DNA repair is emerging as a the newest, most promising anti-aging solution. In fact, it has proved key validation of Dr. Michael Steppie, MD‘s years of skincare research and collaboration with world renowned research centers.

In 2012, Dr. Steppie released his patent-pending Pro Organic Complex™ supercharged with cutting-edge rejuvenating ingredients. Now what we are about to explain is going to get a little “technical”, but today’s skincare users are more discerning and enjoy getting into the science behind product breakthroughs. No more simply taking a brand’s word for it! Here’s an attempt at condensing nearly 100 pages of scientific data into just one paragraph!

In clinical studies, one of Dr. Steppie’s active ingredients, a unique kelp extract, was shown to lower the progerin level and increase the activity of proteasome in aging cells. Progerin is a degraded form of the nuclear architectural protein Lamin A, found in healthy, younger skin. Proteasome is one of the body’s vital protective mechanisms that involve breaking down and eliminating damaged skin proteins, allowing for the creation of healthy essential proteins like collagen and elastin and helping continuously regenerate. Clinical researchers found that this unique kelp extract remarkably reduced the progerin production in aging cells from 66-year-old donors by upward of 71%, returning them to levels found in cells of 35-year old subjects!

If the term “progerin” sounds familiar, you may have seen the film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, starring famed actor Brad Pitt playing a man with an extremely rare genetic disease called Progeria wherein symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at a very early age. The word progeria comes from the Greek words “pro” meaning “before” or “premature”, and “gēras” meaning “old age”. Those born with progeria typically live to their mid teens to early twenties.

While the film certainly took some creative license with the condition’s manifestations, the idea of reverse-aging mechanisms, such as portrayed in this “fantasy” story might have inspired scientists.

Now, scientists Dr. Steppie has joined forces with have proven that progerin’s essential functionality can be harnessed and used in expertly formulated skincare products to visibly “turn the clock” back!

As this recent Skin Cancer Foundation Journal article mentions, research proves that DNA repair is a crucial factor in keeping skin healthy… and the powerfully restorative qualities of this never seen before kelp extract* help achieve that! It’s why Dr. Steppie selected this breakthrough ingredient when formulating his Pro-Organic Complex™-infused Ethereal Beauty™ Anti Aging Cellular Serum. It’s also infused with rare skin-rejuvenating Sequoia tree stem cells, clinically proven to boost DNA repair by 42 percent!

Among participants’ self- evaluations studies, 90 % reported an improvement in their skin’s firmness; 80-85 % saw and improvement in skin texture, tone and wrinkles; and 70 % say their skin was more radiant.

(* Self-evaluation. 2x/day application for 28 days. Study performed on 20 volunteers under dermatological control.)

Find out more about the exceptional benefits of Dr. Steppie’s virtual age-reversing serum by clicking here. You can even order yours today.

It’s Time to Realize Your Skin is a Valuable Possession


When handling or moving precious family heirlooms – a dish that belonged to your great grandmother, your grandfather’s antique pocket watch or a photo album chock full of decades of cherished memories – no doubt you take great care to protect and preserve them. You handle them gently, surround them with protective barriers like bubble wrap when packing them for a move, and safely store them away or display them in spots clear of potentially ruinous occurrences. There’s simply no way you’ll allow the risk of a spilled drink ruining your vintage family photos.

Yet, when it comes to our bodies, our skin and our general health, we often tend to lack the same level of care that we expend upon material items – even when protective measures are easy to accomplish. For instance, it’s easy to limit our skin’s daily exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays by simply wearing a high-quality, high-SPF sun screen, a broad-brimmed hat and a fashionably long summer dress.

Unfortunately, your skin doesn’t come with a “Fragile: Handle with Care” sticker. But that’s exactly how you should think about your skin and approach caring for it. Many don’t realize that skin is classified as an actual living organ. In fact, it’s your body’s largest organ and is responsible for protecting your body in multiple ways:

  1. Acting as a barrier between you and potentially harmful aggressors like germs;
  2. Regulating your body’s temperature;
  3. And communicating factors like touch, pain, pressure and temperature to your body’s central nervous system, which controls your movements and helps you to react, remember, think and plan.

Consider these benefits and you’ll see that healthy skin is a far more valuable asset than most people realize. That’s why taking great care of your skin means far more than looking young and vibrant, it also lends benefits to your body’s overall health. Indeed, your skin is a precious and fragile possession that you must handle with care in order to protect not just your beautiful face, but your whole body.

Fortunately, nature provides many elements proven effective in caring for our skin. That’s why Dr. Michael Steppie formulated his Ethereal Beauty™ – Anti Aging Cellular Serum with the highest quality natural ingredients, combined in a way that jumpstarts the skin’s innate ability to repair damage, turns back the hands of time, and promotes a natural, healthy and glowing appearance. With a deep understanding of the skin’s fragile nature, Dr. Steppie developed Ethereal Beauty as a safe, 95 % organic serum free of harsh chemicals. When used correctly and consistently, this groundbreaking formula works as a “bubble wrap” for your skin.

Gently replenishing, yet supercharged and powerfully repairing, Ethereal Beauty – Anti Aging Cellular Serum is the best way to care for your body’s very precious asset – its skin.

Celebrate Earth Day by Giving your Skin the Best Nature has to Offer with Ethereal Beauty™


Nature lovers around the world are celebrating Earth Day today. Join the celebration by giving your skin the best the earth has to offer with Ethereal Beauty™ ANTI-AGING CELLULAR SERUM.

Over the centuries, women have used natural elements to keep their skin healthy, smooth and glowing. Drawing upon that wisdom, Dr. Steppie developed Ethereal Beauty™, a 95% Certified Organic formula and its patent-pending Pro Organic Complex™ using the most effective and cutting-edge natural ingredients. The result is a ground-breaking skincare product designed to help activate cellular energy and to visibly minimize wrinkles while infusing skin with stem cells from a botanical rarity which possesses a unique longevity secret… the majestic and ageless Sequoia Tree. A premiere in skincare!

Not only is Ethereal Beauty™ highly effective, it’s also far safer than other skincare products on the market as it DOES NOT contain potentially harmful chemicals like parabens, polyethylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate, the same stuff used in oven and engine degreasers; and abrasive artificial colors and fragrances.

In fact, clients who use Ethereal Beauty™ include women who are pregnant or nursing. They love what the serum does for their skin, and can rest assured that it use poses no harm to their precious little ones. So gentle is Ethereal Beauty™ that it’s also safely used by patients with sensitive skin, and those who have recently undergone harsh treatments like medical grade TCA peels.

Says one very happy client: “I was a little nervous using Ethereal Beauty – Anti Aging Cellular Elixir™ right after my medical grade TCA peel. My skin is so sensitive that I cannot even use gentle dermatologist recommended ointments after my treatments. I am allergic to many make-up brands and even nail polish. I decided to try this product because I really need something that not only is organic but has result-oriented and powerful ingredients to deliver visible results. I used this anti-aging serum right after my peel and not only did it not burn, it seemed to heal my skin faster than usual. After that, it is the only product I am using to maintain my skin – youthful and comfortable. Thank you for helping my skin!”

Earth Day is the perfect time to free your skin of harsh manmade chemicals. Find out just how beautiful natural & effective skincare can be with Ethereal Beauty™.

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Show Your Skin Some Love this February with Steppie MD’s Pro Organic Complex


Celebrated for centuries, Valentine’s Day is a day to show your lover just how special he or she is to you. But whether you have a Valentine or not, treating yourself with love is key to a healthy mindset and a youthful look. A great new way to pamper yourself this February: Dr. Michael Steppie, MD’s Pro Organic Complex.

Dr. Steppie’s proprietary rejuvenating blend, the Pro Organic complex is used in the highest concentration in his remarkable ANTI AGING CELLULAR SERUM. Patient results have been remarkable – smoother, firmer, brighter and younger-looking skin. And while it’s a favorite of our female clientele, Steppie MD’s male patients are embracing it as well.

In fact a recent survey of men showed that a full 54 percent regularly use skincare products. As they increasingly opt for high-end skincare treatments and products, many are seeing firsthand the skin boosting results of Dr. Steppie’s Pro Organic Complex, a supercharged and highly concentrated blend of certified organic ingredients including potent and rare Sequoia tree stem cells, kelp extract and olive oil. This patent-pending anti-aging powerhouse helps to boost the skin’s repair mechanisms, and reactivate the skin’s youthful state. For instance, it’s also been proven to help accelerate the recovery process after cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels and laser treatments, as well as plastic surgery.

Not only is it powerfully effective, but the ANTI AGING CELLULAR SERUM also offers an easy-to-use, all-in-one rejuvenating serum that can be used morning and evening. After all, men don’t want the hassle of a multitude of products. They want something simple but strong – and our Pro Organic Complex delivers.

A few benefits of Dr. Steppie’s ANTI AGING CELLULAR SERUM which men love:

  • It’s ideal for use after shaving, as it helps minimize the discomfort associated with razor burn;
  • It’s lightweight and penetrates quickly – something men on the go love;
  • It moisturizes the skin, visibly minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving skin texture over a period of regular use;
  • And, it features a subtle scent liked by both sexes.

Besides its numerous rewarding benefits, a number of our male clients also tell us they like the ANTI AGING CELLULAR SERUM’s state-of-the-art packaging, noting that it doesn’t look like a “girly” skincare product.

Says one happy client of using the ANTI AGING CELLULAR SERUM: “Before using this serum my skin was becoming dry, rough and dull. It is lightweight and sinks right into my skin – it’s like my skin is ‘drinking’ it. After applying, my skin is definitely more hydrated, feels and looks healthier than before and to my amazement the fine lines have just about disappeared! I can tell such a BIG difference in such a short amount of time.”

The ANTI AGING CELLULAR SERUM is practical for everyday use, easy to take on-the-go in a purse or gym bag, and adheres to TSA requirements for carry-on travel, making it ideal to take on those weekend gateways.