Season’s Change is the Perfect Time for a Beauty Boost


There’s something about the changing of the seasons that lends an impulse to also make changes in ourselves. The advent of the fall season, with its crisp, cool temperatures proves particularly invigorating. That makes right now the perfect time to indulge in a beauty boost, and we have just the incentive you need.

With the close of the summer season, you may notice that your skin is showing the signs of sun exposure damage – comeuppance for all those days spent lounging on the beach or pool deck. After just 20 minutes of exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays, your skin begins to lose its youth-giving moisture, leading to dry skin, wrinkling and premature damage. Far worse, your risk of developing skin cancer increases.

So how do you get your skin back in shape in time for all those upcoming holiday parties? By harnessing the power of nature to heal your skin and rejuvenate your complexion. Supercharged with Dr. Michael Steppie’s Pro Organic Complex™, Ethereal Beauty™-Anti Aging Cellular Elixir is infused with precious stem cells from the mighty Sequoia tree plus a unique revitalizing kelp extract and pure Aloe Vera juice, along with other potent certified organic ingredients. This powerful yet gentle and fast-acting blend is proven to stimulate your skin’s cellular energy and collagen production; boost DNA repair; detoxify aging proteins; reduce premature skin aging caused by inflammation and environmental assaults like the summer sun and the winter wind; and replenish your skin with essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other natural anti-oxidants and moisturizers.

In just one month of using Ethereal Beauty™ you’ll see improvement in your skin’s wrinkle depth, firmness, hydration and radiance – particularly if you use it in conjunction with sumptuous skincare procedures such as Steppie MD’s mini facial and Xeomin treatments.

Throughout November, we offer two amazing specials:

  • A 25-minute mini facial for just $25. Plus, receive a free bottle of In the Light Intensive Pigment Corrector by Steppie MD Essentials when you purchase two skincare products.
  • At the dermatology practice, A $10 per unit Xeomin treatment. If you like Botox™,you are going to love Xeomin… Schedule your Xeomin treatment before November 28 and purchase a minimum of 30 units to receive a $50 prepaid Visa card good for your next visit.

Don’t wait. Take advantage of all the new season has to offer and do it with a smoother, more radiant and youthful look. Call 800-827-SKIN to schedule your mini facial or Xeomin treatment and to purchase Ethereal Beauty™ today.