The Sequoia Tree… An Ageless Force of Nature


Not easily amazed? Then we urge you to watch this video from National Geographic magazine featuring the world’s second largest known tree, dubbed “The President.”  The video features photographers and scientists joining to study and photograph the famous towering tree in Sequoia National Park.

This American force of nature is virtually ageless. Scientists estimate its age at 3,200 years old! The President stands 247 feet tall, measures 27 feet in diameter and boasts upwards of 2 billion leaves.

Sequoias are able to reach such old ages because of their amazing strength and survival capabilities. They are far too strong to be toppled by high winds. Tannic acids and other chemicals infuse the Sequoia’s heartwood and bark, protecting against fungal rot. Thick bark is highly resistant against wood-boring beetles, flames and even lightning. These factors allow Sequoias to outlive neighboring trees, growing older, bigger and more abundant over the centuries.

The Sequoia’s remarkable longevity prompts many to call it a “Tree of Life.” In fact, they seemingly share elements of human development. For instance, their three main systems of root, trunk and branches seemingly parallel human development of body, psyche and spirit.

As a universal symbol recognized in multiple faiths and cultures, the tree of life signifies wisdom, protection, strength, beauty, bounty and redemption. Many Native American tribes practice sun dance and pole dance traditions wherein dancers using brightly colored streamers attach themselves to a central structure representing a tree. The dance is believed to generate energy, promote vitality and bring new life.

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