Ethereal Beauty™ – The First Revolutionary Anti-Aging Serum Infused with Rare Sequoia Tree Stem Cells


On April 22, environmentalists and others worldwide will celebrate International Mother Earth Day. More than one billon global citizens, communities, organizations and governments in nearly 200 countries recognize the annual observance of the amazing planet we inhabit and take action to protect it. Top priority each year is to further develop ways that we all can live in harmony with nature, learning from it, caring for it and utilizing it in manners that benefit both the earth and those who call it home.

Steppie MD Dermaceuticals beautifully illustrates that commitment to living harmoniously with nature, developing skincare products made with natural and organic ingredients. Developed by Dr. Michael Steppie, MD, the new Ethereal Beauty ™ skincare product from Steppie MD Dermaceuticals is supercharged with his patent-pending Pro Organic Complex™ which activates cellular energy while infusing skin with cutting-edge Sequoia tree stem cells.

The majestic sequoia tree is a National Landmark… A unique force of nature… It is the tallest species of trees living on Earth today, reaching upwards of 380 feet in height (minus roots) and measuring up to 26 feet in diameter.

Dr. Steppie is passionate about natural skincare and about nature itself. That is why he is a staunch supporter of the Earth Day Network’s The Canopy Project. Rather than taking on large-scale forestry initiatives, participants instead focus on planting trees that help small, impoverished communities better sustain themselves and their local economies. Trees are amazingly beneficial in that they filter the air, stave off the effects of climate damage, reverse the impacts of land degredation and provide food, energy and income opportunities that allow communities to achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability. To that end, the Earth Day Network and the Global Poverty Project have partnered to plan 10 million trees over the next five years in impoverished areas worldwide.

We at Steppie MD Dermaceuticals enthusiastically support the mission join in the celebration of International Mother Earth Day.

Ethereal Beauty™… a premium Anti-Aging Cellular Elixir for a Red Carpet Look

Magazines often describe top celebrities and models as having "ethereal beauty," inspiring the name of Dr. Steppie, MD's newest skincare product.

Magazines often describe top celebrities and models as having “ethereal beauty” -  just what Dr. Michael Steppie, MD had in mind when naming his newest skincare product.

The definition of ethereal is “extremely delicate or refined, heavenly or celestial.” So when Dr. Michael Steppie, MD, founder of Steppie MD Dermaceuticals was looking for just the right name for his newest skincare product, “Ethereal Beauty” was the perfect fit.

In the business of beauty for several decades, Dr. Steppie is a proponent of natural skincare, using ingredients like plant stem cells, kelp extract and olive oil complex infused in Aloe Vera leaf juice. His anti aging cellular elixir is a highly potent, non-surgical facial serum that visibly reduces wrinkles for a firmer, smoother, younger-looking complexion. It is 95% organic and supercharged with Dr Steppie’s patent-pending Pro Organic complex™, a groundbreaking innovation in skincare.

Clinically tested* and proven to boost cellular metabolism and visibly rejuvenate the skin, Dr. Steppie’s Pro Organic complex™ combines rare and potent ingredients described as “forces of nature” – pure, safe and top-quality certified organic extracts. What you won’t find in Ethereal Beauty™? Harsh chemicals including parabens or petroleum products, or artificial colors or fragrances.  It is designed to fortify the skin’s natural defense and repair mechanisms, allowing the skin to to shine with a youthful, radiant glow. Ethereal Beauty™ comes packaged in a unique airless dispenser, and concentrated to deliver maximum results for an ethereal red carpet look!

* Ethereal BeautyTM is supercharged with the patent-pending Pro Organic ComplexTM to provide a powerful boost and to activate cellular energy while infusing skin with cutting-edge sequoia tree stem cells*, a breakthrough rejuvenating kelp extract** as well as certified organic botanicals. Together, they form a unique powerhouse that actively works in harmony with your skin’s ecosystem.
*/** In-Vitro Tests. **Self evaluation: 2x/day application for 28 days. Study performed on 20 volunteers under dermatological control.