About Dr. Steppie

Meet the Expert

An award-winning doctor dedicated to skin health and youthful natural beauty.

Dr. Michael Steppie is a board-certified physician who has completed residencies in internal medicine, dermatology and dermatologic surgery. He is also a Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgeon and the president and medical director of Associates in Dermatology, a skin cancer and skin care practice that has grown to 12 locations throughout Central Florida.

This award-winning and compassionate doctor is a dedicated member of the prestigious Amonette Circle of the Skin Cancer Foundation. In 2012, Dr. Steppie accepted the "Physician of the Year" and America's Most Compassionate Doctor Awards. In 2014, he also accepted the Patients' Choice Award for the third consecutive year. Dr. Steppie's reputation and expertise in the field of Dermatology has led him to become a favorite interviewee in the media, on national and local news on topics involving skin cancer and skin's health and beauty. He was also the expert of reference quoted in an article published in Men's Health in November 2012.

For years, one of Dr. Steppie's main focus areas has been actively assisting in skin cancer prevention. His dedication reached a much wider audience in the first half of 2012 when he became the featured skin cancer expert at WebMD® and his article "Skin Cancer and the Gender Gap" was published in the Skin Cancer Foundation Journal.

Skin Care Treatment

What could be better than a doctor with integrity at the forefront of the greatest innovations in skin care treatment?

If you are looking for skin care treatments that actively fights against the aging process while helping safeguard the skin's integrity and helping restore its elasticity for plumper and firmer skin, Steppie MD Dermaceuticals is releasing the first of an upcoming regimen of skin care products infused with Dr. Michael Steppie's breakthrough rejuvenating Pro Organic Complex™.

Full body rashes, itching and severe dry skin are common patient problems that Dr. Steppie has seen on a daily basis. In search of more effective and gentle skin care treatments, his years of research have identified a large number of chemicals that many patients are exposed to every day. As he often describes, "Your skin is the largest organ of your body and, just as in nature, its 'ecosystem' is fragile." So, it is not surprising that good daily skin care rose to the forefront as a major factor in managing his patients' overall level of skin health.

In addition to his many scientific observations, Dr. Steppie also became dedicated to formulating a new product line for skin care treatment that could offer remarkable wound healing and repairing properties following skin care procedures and surgery. To boost his quest to develop a potent, yet pure and truly organic product that could have remarkable self-repairing properties, he joined forces with world-renowned Skincare Research Centers. After years of collective research, SteppieMD has formulated a unique, synergistic blend of skin care products derived from the most recent cutting-edge anti-aging discoveries.

Just as skin cancer patients trust his expertise for their treatment, you can trust Steppie MD Dermaceuticals to come to your skin's rescue for a visibly revitalized and youthful radiant glow.